Rosso 1/8 Ferrari 643 F1 kit Rosso 1:8 scale Ferrari 643 F1
#80001 rare metal kit | Alain Prost | Jean Alesi
long out of production | none in stock
Produced for a only short time in 1992 by the Rosso Corporation of Japan, which had a major factory fire and went bankrupt soon aferwards. This is a very detailed and well engineered kit of the 1991 Ferrari 643 F1 car driven by Alain Prost and Jean Alesi, with car markings supplied for both drivers (driver figure not included). Pre-painted metal body, suspension, and wheels. The balance is mostly plastic, all parts finely engraved and molded in the appropriate colors, with many other small metal detail parts. Assembly by many small screws of various sizes (screwdriver included), minimal gluing required. Body markings are of three different types: water-slide decals, dry transfer markings, and vinyl adhesive markings. Soft rubber tires. Similar level of detail to the Pocher F40, but made in Japan so the casting, engraving, fit, finish, and instructions are superior.

Rosso 1/8 Ferrari 643 metal F1 kit | none in stock

Rosso Ferrari 643 F1 orginal "Grade Up" parts set
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optional detail set
643 with driver
optional detail set
643 with driver
driver not included
mmFerrari 643 aftermarket photo-etched detail set | original Rosso "Grade Up Parts Set" | reference photos
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